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Wellspring Living

Our mission: Transforming lives of those at risk or victimized by sexual exploitation.
Our vision: A world where every victim of sexual exploitation has access to transformative care.


Advocacy Victim
Advocacy Community
Case Management
Community Education
Education Assistance
Job Training
Exit Services
Financial Assistance
Inpatient Services
Outpatient Services
Language & Culture
Shelter Short Term
Shelter Long Term
Spiritual Health
Substance Abuse
Therapeutic Group
Therapeutic Individual
Medical Services On Site
High School and GED education on site
Forensic Interviewing
Continuum of Care
Mental Health

For Survivors

Our residential programs provide women and youth with trauma-informed care in a safe environment where participants receive the education, training, therapy, and tools they need for life-long stability and success.

Our community programs provide women and youth with critical support services they need to positively change the trajectory of their lives and the lives of their families. Services include academic and professional training, life skills classes, mental health services and other dynamic programming

Opportunities are available for graduates of Wellspring Living programs to continue being mentored and receive transitional housing assistance. Graduate services also include access to therapy, career assistance, transportation support and life skills classes.

For Advocates

Direct Participant Volunteers: Serve through interactive activities with the participants such as preparing meals, teaching Life Skills courses, tutoring, and celebrations.

Retail Volunteers: Serve in general operations in one of our upscale resale stores. Profits from our retail stores generate significant funds which hugely impacts our ability to care for our youth and women.

Serve Days: Are for groups who want to come together for hands on projects. From lawn care to donation drives your group’s time and energy goes a long way in supporting our programs

The Speakers Bureau: Ss a group of volunteers who advocate on behalf of Wellspring Living at major speaking events, community information tables, as well as within personal social circles.

Families and friends: Can fulfill tangible needs of participants by assembling boxes that provide much-needed support for daily living and a boost of encouragement on special days like birthdays.