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Our mission is to equip and empower women in the sex industry and survivors of trafficking to live healthy, flourishing lives and train others across the globe to do the same in their cities.

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Exit Services
Spiritual Health
Therapeutic Group
Drop-In Center

For Survivors


We reach women and girls in strip clubs, porn, escorting, prostitution and victims of trafficking with the message that they are loved, valued, purposed and support is available.


Through our survivor-led mentoring, support groups, retreats, recovery curriculum, emergency relief fund, and community partnerships, we help women heal from their past and rebuild their lives.

For Advocates

Organize a lip gloss drive:
Help us collect lip gloss for our outreach gift bags. (For women in strip clubs and porn and girls in juvie)

Host a birthday fundraiser:
Support survivors by asking your friends to donate to Treasures in lieu of a birthday gift.

Mobilize your church:
Invite your church to join the movement to end exploitation.

Partner with Treasures through prayer.

Support survivors with a one-time or monthly donation.

Outreach Team:
Join us for monthly strip club outreaches in LA Headquarters

Impact Team:
Volunteer in-office at our LA Headquarters

Men 4 Treasures:
Serve with a team of men supporting the mission of treasures

EVENforONE is excited to explore how we can best support the referral aspects of the counter-trafficking fight and will be launching refined services and tools in the future!
Due to this developmental season we'll be temporarily stepping back from case management, for both overcomers and other anti-trafficking organizations. The primary purpose is to take what we’ve been learning so far and improve our support structure and our processes to ensure we’re contributing to effective and sustainable healing outcomes for everyone engaging with our advocacy-based assistance in the future. While we're on this pause, our public database will still remain fully available for use.
This is a public database of resources available in the counter-trafficking fight. We do our best to verify these resources are safe and trustworthy, but EVENforONE assumes no responsibility related to your use of these resources - use at your own risk - and please make the best decisions you can to guard your own safety. As a whole, the anti-trafficking community still has a lot to learn about how to collaborate well for assisting overcomers in a consistently healthy way, and EVENforONE desires to be a positive advocate for that as we learn and grow too.