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The Lampstand

Our mission is to empower the lives of those vulnerable to and affected by sexual exploitation. Our vision is a transformed society freed from the impacts of sexual exploitation. We exist to empower survivors as they begin their journey of healing. Our goal is to address vulnerabilities to reduce revictimization and facilitate healing and hope.


Shelter Long Term
Equine Therapy
Spiritual Health
Continuum of Care
Case Management

For Survivors

The Safehome provides trauma informed counseling, family therapy, equine therapy, EMDR, a structured living program, a full time cook that provides all meals, a teacher, case management, a boutique on site, a salon on site, a sensory room, many opportunities for outings both educational and fun, many life skill classes, and weekly family visits.We also offer Wraparound Services for survivors who are in the community within a 40 mile radius of Roanoke and are in need case management and social support. Our Wraparound Services Coordinator provides case management, social support, and personal care needs as well as access to counseling, transportation assistance, medical/dental services, legal counseling, and many other supportive services.

For Advocates

Yes, we currently use volunteers. However, we are launching a new volunteer program in February that will give even more opportunities. We have many hired position with a staff of about 25-27. And we accept donations both monetary and in kind.