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Stop Trafficking Now.US

Our mission is to provide robust, state-of the-art philanthropic tools to help anti-human trafficking organizations increase their financial resources, strengthen their donor relationships and provide consistent sources of income to achieve their mission.

Arguably, the single greatest need for organizations that are fighting human trafficking (sex and labor) is money. More and better ways and means for financing those entities’ valiant efforts must be explored and developed. These movements across the U.S. to eradicate modern forms of slavery depends on it.

To this end, the Community Foundation for Inspired Giving’s Stop Trafficking Now.US initiative has created a “Giving Hub” that provides a single giving platform for vetted organizations across the U.S. that can be supported by donors through a robust menu of giving options. Through the StopTraffickingNow.US site, individuals, groups and organizations can “give now”, “give later” and “give forever”. Now is the time to stop trafficking: Now is the time to give.


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