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Shyne's mission is the economic advancement and financial freedom of survivors of commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking through small business development and entrepreneurship. Shyne serves all adult survivors regardless of gender, age, race, ethnicity, disabilities, socioeconomic status, cultural background, spiritual beliefs, sexual orientation, or level of education.

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Financial literacy education
Community Education

For Survivors

Shyne™ provides survivor entrepreneurs with year-round professional development, business education, and coaching. Additionally, Shyne hosts the only Survivor Business Network™ providing our members with peer mentorship, leadership development, and financial growth opportunities. Shyne™ partners with Survivor-owned Businesses and nonprofits, Universities, Corporations, and Financial Institutions to assist our members with economic advancement at every stage of their business growth.

For Advocates

Shyne™ is a fast-growing organization seeking to partner with professionals, Universities, Banks, and Corporations that strive to level the playing field for those who are traditionally excluded from business mentorship and resources.  To apply as an impact investor, coach, or facilitator please complete our Volunteer Application via the Shyne™ website or contact us directly at info@shynesd.org