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Resilience Rising

Resilience Rising combats the commercial sexual exploitation of women and children in the United States by providing residential and mentoring programs with opportunities for safety, healing, and empowerment.


Advocacy Community
Advocacy Victim
Case Management
Community Education
Education Assistance
Job Training
Exit Services
Financial Assistance
Mental Health
Substance Abuse help

For Survivors

Resilience Rising's ARF serves young women - cis and trans - ages 18yo through 25yo who are survivors of sexual exploitation, trafficking, or exiting the sex trade. This program is for those in need of 24 hour care, supervision, and treatment, generally related to mental health, behavioral health, or substance abuse needs. We partner with Child Protective Services for older system-involved youth and law enforcement diversion programs for prostitution and drug concerns.

Resilience Rising provides trauma informed, survivor centered, evidence based programming that works to develop coping and life skills needed to break the intergenerational cycles of abuse and trauma that make these women vulnerable to sexual exploitation. Our focus is on providing opportunities for safety, healing, and empowerment through holistic interventions, individualized treatment planning, and case management.

For Advocates

Please check out our website for ways to donate to our programs and help with fundraisers.