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Redeemed Ministries

We offer restoration services to adult survivors of domestic sex trafficking with a trauma-informed holistic healing program and the support of our community partners.

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Shelter Long Term
Equine Therapy
Advocacy Victim
Case Management
Therapeutic Individual

For Survivors

Our organizational focus is healing through residential care. We operate one of the longest-running safe houses in the country. Opening the doors of the Sparrow House in 2010, we knew we wanted to: 1) Provide a safe haven for survivors of sex trafficking, 2) Introduce survivors to Jesus in a safe, non-threatening way, 3) Provide trauma-informed healing opportunities, and 4) Reduce their vulnerabilities in order to reduce recidivism. We currently own a beautiful, 8-bed home in North Harris County where we feel we successfully accomplish all four of our original goals. Residents of our Sparrow House participate in various staff and volunteer-led classes and groups, receive professional counseling and equine therapy, access medical, dental, and vision care, and they do all of this in a peaceful, safe environment. In addition to having an opportunity to remain in the Sparrow House for up to two years, our graduates have the option of the continuance of care in our graduate housing program. Women who choose to stay at least 18 months prior to graduating are able to live in safe, comfortable graduate housing at an affordable rate. They continue to participate in Case Management and counseling and can even continue to participate in our support groups and classes. We also work with independent clients; women who, for one reason or another, have not entered the Sparrow House but still desire connection and healing from their trauma. We cannot do this work without the help of our community partners.

For Advocates

There are several serving opportunities with Redeemed Ministries spanning a variety of participant comfort levels and time commitments. It is through community partnership that allows us to offer exceptional service to our residence. We receive both donor support as well as service support. For more information on service opportunities, please see our website under the volunteer tab.