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13 is the age when children become teenagers and are typically more vulnerable to exploitation. RECLAIM is what we do...we reclaim the lives of children and young women whose lives have been impacted by sexual exploitation. Our mission is to end the cycle of sexual exploitation and to provide healing pathways for victims’ future development.

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Shelter Long Term
Shelter Transitional
Inpatient Services
Case Management

For Survivors

Cherish House: A safe house provides therapeutic services to children 10-17 years old who are victims of sex trafficking and need intensive residential services.

Courage House: A residential home for young adults 18-25 years old who are victims of sex trafficking and need intensive services as they integrate into the community.

Mentor Program: Mentors assist both child and adult survivors of sex trafficking or exploitation who continue to reside at home or in the community.

Child and Family Program: Community services from specialized professionals for children and family members impacted by sexual abuse and/or assault.

Therapy Clinic: Children and adults seeking specialized therapeutic services.

For Advocates

We are always looking for more people to get involved with Reclaim13!
If interested in volunteering, please visit the volunteer page on our website to complete the online volunteer application

If interested in a hired position with us, please visit the careers page on our website. All of our job postings and specific information are listed there.

To donate to Reclaim13, please visit our website. Opportunities to donate include sending a check by mail, and by attending our events.

There are also many ways to help advocate for Reclaim13's work! Following us on social media and sharing posts helps get the word out about Reclaim13's efforts.

Thank you!