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Operation Underground Railroad

We exist to rescue women and children from sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.

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Our Children Need Families program offers adoption grant for children in high risk trafficking areas.

For Survivors

Through collaborative efforts with other organizations: Many of the survivors we work with are provided with the opportunity and resources they need to move forward. We strive to support survivors in their dreams for themselves and their dreams for their children. O.U.R. Aftercare focuses on meeting each survivor where they are on their healing journey, whatever their circumstance.

The members of the O.U.R. Aftercare Teams: Have a wide variety of strong backgrounds, and they also seek to understand standards of the country provided by local social workers. O.U.R. has found the most effective aftercare model is empowering, supporting, and collaborating with in-country aftercare organizations.

The current O.U.R. Worldwide Survivor Advisory Board Ss made up of survivors of human trafficking and exploitation from Nepal, Colombia, Uganda, and the United States. This board helps review curricula and publications, as well as the creation of new aftercare initiatives.All members bring vital expertise, talents, insights, inspiration, and a wonderful heart to the anti-trafficking efforts.

For Advocates

6 Ways to join the fight:

Become An Abolitionist: Join our exclusive group of thousands of monthly donors who are committed to putting an end to modern-day slavery.

Give Now: Your donation can help us fulfill our mission to bring freedom and healing to more children around the world.

Join The Conductor Club: Raise Awareness. Conduct Change. O.U.R.’s Conductor Club invites community members to get involved in awareness & prevention efforts in the fight against human trafficking.

Rep The Cause: Rep the cause of freedom with merchandise from the O.U.R. store. 100% of the proceeds go back to supporting the cause.

Support The Event: Attend an event near you to benefit Operation Underground Railroad.

Share The Facts: Learn more and share on social media about the sex trafficking and how to fight it.