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New Life Refuge

New Life Refuge Ministries’ mission is to provide a Refuge of hope and healing for child survivors of sex trafficking, to provide education to the community on the issue, and to establish partnerships with other organizations in the fight against modern-day slavery.

Refuge: Our refuge campus is a place of specialized, long-term, therapeutic care where child sex trafficking survivors can begin to heal and process their trauma. Our trauma-informed care program provides homes of normalcy that include loving house parents and daily family activities.

Education: Our educational program utilizes a multi-platform approach to increase community awareness about recognizing and preventing child sex trafficking. We provide tools and training to promote community involvement and advocate to end the demand for child exploitation.

Partnerships: Our partners include local, state, and federal agencies and many community leaders in education, faith, and business. We work together to impact our communities positively, to provide support and healing to child survivors, and to identify and prosecute traffickers and buyers.

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For Survivors

Our Refuge is a place of specialized, long-term, therapeutic care where child sex trafficking survivors can heal and process through their trauma. Our trauma-informed care program provides a home of normalcy that includes loving staff and daily family activities.

Our homes offer a life of normalcy for those we serve, not only providing for their daily needs but also many therapeutic, life-enriching activities. We have loving staff and the children are supported with 24-hour awake staff. Our caring staff truly has a heart for our mission. They are trained in Trauma-Informed Care and Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) as well as many other healing modalities. Our treatment team and staff together walk alongside the children on their healing path and ensure the safety of those we serve.

Since 2018, NLRM has operated The Braselton Home of Hope on our Refuge Campus for female trafficking survivors ages 11-17. Our Refuge Campus is located on 40+ acres in an undisclosed South Texas location for the safety and security of all students and staff. We have opened our second home, The Valero Home of Hope, in 2022. Our campus has also expanded through funding by Charity League of Corpus Christi in 2022. The expansion of the Campus through the development of our Independent Living Village is for the children who have reached 18 while in our program. Those that turn 18 have the opportunity to stay with us in their own “tiny home” and continue to be supported through counseling, life skills, mentoring, and other programs all while they pursue college, trade school, and or work as they launch into healthy adulthood.

Upon completion of our New Life Refuge Campus master plan, we will have several homes and independent living facilities for child survivors of sex trafficking.

For Advocates

Join the Community of Courage:

Members commit to $1,500 or more of financial support in a calendar year. They truly make a difference in the lives of the children who have been exploited through commercial sexual exploitation. Member benefits include: a members-only VIP Party in the fall, the VIP reception prior to the Celebration of Courage, and a Community of Courage (CoC) membership decal.

Volunteer With:

New Life Refuge Ministries:
- Outreach & Community Education
- Special Events & Fundraising
- Administrative Help
- Prayer Team

Home of Hope:
- Tutors
- Bible Study Volunteers
- Mentors
- Recreation Volunteers
- Life Skills Volunteers
- Special Project Volunteers (Manual Labor)

EVENforONE is excited to explore how we can best support the referral aspects of the counter-trafficking fight and will be launching refined services and tools in the future!
Due to this developmental season we'll be temporarily stepping back from case management, for both overcomers and other anti-trafficking organizations. The primary purpose is to take what we’ve been learning so far and improve our support structure and our processes to ensure we’re contributing to effective and sustainable healing outcomes for everyone engaging with our advocacy-based assistance in the future. While we're on this pause, our public database will still remain fully available for use.
This is a public database of resources available in the counter-trafficking fight. We do our best to verify these resources are safe and trustworthy, but EVENforONE assumes no responsibility related to your use of these resources - use at your own risk - and please make the best decisions you can to guard your own safety. As a whole, the anti-trafficking community still has a lot to learn about how to collaborate well for assisting overcomers in a consistently healthy way, and EVENforONE desires to be a positive advocate for that as we learn and grow too.