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Mirror Ministries

Mirror Ministries’ mission is to respond to domestic minor sex trafficking with the love of Christ through local education, intervention, restoration, and aftercare. Our vision is to see local victims of sex trafficking become survivors who have hope, healing, and restoration. Mirror Ministries has offered survivor services for local victims of sex trafficking as well as, outreach, education, and awareness since 2014. Mirror does online and street outreach to find those that are being exploited and offer freedom. Mirror operates the local 24/7 sex-trafficking hotline which received 797 phone calls in 2021. In 2021 we provided 183 community education events to schools, businesses, agencies, and groups as another form of outreach. Mirror’s Advocates offer intensive case management for each client as they walk with them through the healing process. That can include education and employment assistance, housing placements, and continued long-term support to victims of sex trafficking. At our Mirror Ministries Outreach Center (MMOC) we offer Therapeutic Survivor Support Groups, through a variety of methods such as music/art therapy, counseling, life skills, book studies, and fun activities. We partner with local agencies for community services, and national organizations for survivor care. In 2021 we saw 64 more people find freedom and hope through Mirror Ministries who were being commercially sexually exploited in our community. We have purchased 20 acres in rural Franklin County for Esther’s Home a local Restoration Home for Minor Girls that have been victims of sex trafficking, the only one of its kind in the state. We are renovating, hiring, and training to open our doors in January of 2023.


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