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Hope Restored Canada

Hope Restored Canada (HRC) is a Saskatchewan based non-profit charity that was founded in 2015/16 to support women and youth who had been targeted by sex traffickers and victimized by the sex industry. The mandate of HRC is to provide support for victims of sexual exploitation and sex trafficking, and to educate the general public and service providers about sexual exploitation and trafficking.

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For Survivors

The victim recovery program has three phases:1. Exit and stabilization, 2. Therapeutic recovery, and 3. Transition and follow-up care. Each phase requires tailored support to give victims and survivors of sexual exploitation and trafficking a chance for full recovery. The program supports participants in their exit and initial recovery to receive immediate stabilization. As new participants voluntarily enter the program, a full and comprehensive analysis is completed to identify their needs. Individualized case plans are then developed for each client, and these programs/plans are client-driven. Weekly meetings provide opportunities for clients to review and discuss their progress and needs.  Exit and stabilization during the first phase of recovery, specific attention is given to those detoxing from drug use and dependency.  Medical appointments, safe transportation, one-on-one care, and support for post-traumatic stress assist with stabilization.  During the exit and stabilization phase, clients' needs are a priority as they are the most pressing and imminent in that moment.  Having additional staff to be able to oversee these needs, so program staff can continue to provide leadership and facilitation to the second phase residents, is vital to the health of our program.  Therapeutic recoveryThe therapeutic recovery phase is the most intensive recovery time for program participants.  Residents attend group sessions each day to rebuild self-esteem, engage in trauma healing and education, learn about healthy relationships, increase their understanding of sex trafficking and exploitation, engage in healing circles, cultural teaching, learning skills about relapse, trauma, post-traumatic stress, and anxiety.  This phase is five to nine months in length, varying depending on the participant’s growth needs and personal case plan. Having a specialized staff team, with addiction and sexual trauma therapy experience, overseeing the therapeutic programming is vital to the support offered to participants. Transition and follow-up careThe third phase is fundamental in supporting participants as they reintegrate into society.  This transition phase is critical for them to move forward successfully.  Program activities include volunteering, resume building, enrolment in post-secondary education, job or daily activity planning, stable housing, furnishing a home, supportive community connections, meeting with safe family/ friends that are included as supports for safety planning.  Once the participant has moved out of transitional housing into their own residence, ongoing caseworker visits and connections are key to ensure continued success, support, and care of each participant.  An exit strategy and follow-up care plan are integral to the initiatives of the program. As described in the phases above, HRC focuses on personal growth in understanding survivor’s trauma and growth, and in navigating and recognizing triggers.  Since opening, the safe house and program staff have supported over 45 individuals, and regularly assisted with reunification of families and parents to their children.  Participants have experienced success in sobriety. Many survivors are surpassing their personal goals of total sobriety and reconnecting with family and friends. Participants have successfully completed their GED or are in the process of pursuing post secondary education.  This, in turn, positively impacts the community with their commitment to volunteering and engaging in extracurricular activities. Ongoing improvements are being made to strengthen the intake and stabilization process, as well as the transition and follow-up care portion of the program.  Outreach program We are expanding our programming to include new outreach supports, and support groups for both those who have graduated from the residential program, as well as those who are still actively working in the sex trade but require similar supports as those in program.  These groups will be launched in early 2023, and will be held in locations around the city of Saskatoon that are accessible, and comfortable.  Education programAs an agency we are often invited to present at conferences, to professional bodies or interested public groups.  We are happy to engage in this way as we are able.  

For Advocates

Becoming a donor, board member, volunteering operationally or within our programming, and if potions are available (posted on our website) applying to become staff.

EVENforONE is excited to explore how we can best support the referral aspects of the counter-trafficking fight and will be launching refined services and tools in the future!
Due to this developmental season we'll be temporarily stepping back from case management, for both overcomers and other anti-trafficking organizations. The primary purpose is to take what we’ve been learning so far and improve our support structure and our processes to ensure we’re contributing to effective and sustainable healing outcomes for everyone engaging with our advocacy-based assistance in the future. While we're on this pause, our public database will still remain fully available for use.
This is a public database of resources available in the counter-trafficking fight. We do our best to verify these resources are safe and trustworthy, but EVENforONE assumes no responsibility related to your use of these resources - use at your own risk - and please make the best decisions you can to guard your own safety. As a whole, the anti-trafficking community still has a lot to learn about how to collaborate well for assisting overcomers in a consistently healthy way, and EVENforONE desires to be a positive advocate for that as we learn and grow too.