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Dignity House Inc

At Dignity House our mission is to provide long term transitional housing for women leaving human trafficking, sexual exploitation, abuse, and addictions. We provide mentorship to heal, thrive and integrate back into the community through volunteering, education and employment. We support the women to be empowered, develop new skills, and experience the love of God.

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Shelter Transitional
Case Management
Continuum of Care
Substance Abuse help

For Survivors

We believe in healing and balance in the body, mind and soul. Ladies at Dignity House are taught necessary life skills. They are counselled, educated to become employable. Programming includes topics such as complex trauma, boundaries,  self-development, Bible studies, budgeting, arts, 12 steps, aftercare, and a health protection fitness program. We partner with community organizations who can offer the women a safe and welcoming environment to heal in the areas that each woman may need.

For Advocates

Yes, we need volunteers and donations.

Volunteers needed for in person connections with the women (coffee dates, movie nights etc) for bringing women to appointments, church etc.

Volunteers for baking bread etc. They can email admin@dignityhouse.ca to request an application.

Currently have no payroll for more hired positions.