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Covenant House New York

Covenant House New York’s mission is to help each young person find safety and refuge from the dangers of living on the streets. We do this through compassion, unconditional love and absolute respect.

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New York


Advocacy Victim
Advocacy Community
Case Management
Family and Child Care
Community Education
Education Assistance
Job Training
Financial Assistance
Mental Health
Shelter Short Term
Shelter Long Term
Substance Abuse help
Therapeutic Group
Therapeutic Individual

For Survivors

We greet young people with open arms, a warm meal, clean clothes, and a safe place to sleep at our crisis shelter. It’s open 24/7.
Regardless of ability to pay, we provide access to primary care, preventive health services, and more. This center is open to the community, too

Rights of Passage is a 24 month transitional living program helps young people move to a more independent environment.
Our Permanent Supportive Housing Program provides permanent supportive housing to young adults with a mental health diagnosis. In 2019, we’re expanding these sites to offer more support.
Our Mother an Child Programs provide help whether it’s emergency shelter, healthcare, or childcare, this program helps build a better life for mothers and their children.

Our Youth Development Services help young people build on their strengths, grow their skills, and have fun while doing it.
Through Covenant Works we help youth prepare for a job, work on their education, and pursue a career path that can provide a livable wage.
Our Anti-Human Trafficking program provides shelter and other services to young women who have experienced histories of human and/or sex trafficking.
Through our Legal Services/ Advocacy we provide free on-site legal services to youth. Through in-house attorneys and referrals, our advocacy team works to propose solutions for young people facing homelessness.
Our Behavioral Health Services prove that mental health is just as important as physical health. We have a team of experts who can help no matter what.
MINDS stands for Moving In New Directions. Our MINDS program is a unique mental health service tailored to young adults who have experienced homelessness.

For Advocates

There are several ways to be involved in what Covenant House NY is doing:

  • Employment
  • Donations
  • Local Events
  • Local Volunteer positions
  • Community Partnerships
  • Associate Board