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CEASE is a small charity based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  Our vision is a community of respect, hope and transformation for individuals, families and communities affected by sexual exploitation, sex trafficking and social inequality.  We offer programs under three strategies to assist individuals to create improved futures for themselves and their families. Our strategies are: Heal the Harm; Build for the Future; Inspire Positive Change. Programs include: Survivor Advocacy Support; System Navigation; 1:1 Coaching; Poverty Relief; Bursaries; Financial Empowerment, Matched Savings, Credit Repair, Peer Support.

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Community Education
Advocacy Victim
Education Assistance
Financial literacy education
Financial Assistance

For Survivors

Strategy 1. Heal the Harm: Direct support for women in sexual exploitation and sex trafficking situations; court support for victims of sexual assault and sex trafficking. Strategy 2. Build for the Future 1:1 coaching; system navigation for basic needs - e.g. income, housing; food security; bursaries for upgrading and further education; financial literacy, matched savings and financial coaching; credit repair through micro-lending; peer support; Strategy 3. Inspire Positive Change: Public Awareness; Collaborations; Sex Trade Offender Program (for buyers, exploiters)

For Advocates

Serve as a Board member; fund-raising volunteer; volunteer to help women file taxes; volunteer financial coach.