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3 Strands Global Foundation

3 Strands Global Foundation's vision is a world free from human trafficking. We empower people of all ages to recognize, respond to, and report all forms of violence and teach them about the available resources to support them through their journey. PROTECT offers an age-appropriate curriculum for students (K-12), training and protocol resources for school staff, and a way to measure the impact in every community. Through in-person sessions, the PROTECT online growth platform, and live webinars, we provide parents, guardians, caregivers, and other community members with human trafficking prevention training and resources to help keep their kids protected. In an effort to prevent exploitation and re-exploitation, Employ + Empower (E+E) supports and economically empowers individuals through intensive case management. resources they need to succeed in the workforce, including transportation, professional clothing, job application assistance, childcare, mental health services, and so much more. Through this wrap-around support, individuals are equipped to enter a sustainable job or pursue training and certification, obtained through E+E’s partnership with local agencies and social ventures. Lastly, we believe political advocacy is a critical part of ending the exploitation of individuals and addressing the preventative measures that can be taken to decrease the vulnerability of children and young adults.

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